Carlo Pignatelli

  • It is a pleasure to meet Giovanni Tosetti owner of the famous fashion store in via Milano in Como.

    Let’s talk about men’s clothes, your atelier has several collections, sophisticated and refined that of Pignatelli, how does the union with this stylist come about?

Carlo Pignatelli is one of the most present Maison in the Atelier, style, fabrics and absolutely Italian production.
I met Carlo Pignatelli – Giovanni says – about thirty years ago. During a fair dedicated to the bridal sector. It was the only stand that stood out among many others. So much originality. So much style.
When they arrived in the shop, next to the other companies of the time, it seemed to be at odds. But it was immediately a success!
Finally someone proposed something special as a man. And still today it stands out for its originality and at the same time trend.

  • Summer 2020, winter 2021 what will be the trend style for a refined man?

For us, summer and autumn come together, because the men’s ceremony collections are annual.
However for this season a lot of blue, in its various shades.
Even black.
But the damscato has replaced the very fashionable contrasting color finishes.

  • What should a man never wear in order not to fall into ridicule?

During the ceremony, white socks.
However, the way you wear clothes remains firm!
The choice of a formal dress is a particular choice, nothing is ridiculous if worn with class. It also depends a lot on age and physicality!
But naturalness is the key element

  • What mistakes do men make with clothing? What are they doing wrong?

There are no mistakes!
In my opinion, as for the whole fashion field, there are those who love fashion and style and combine things perfectly. There are those who do not “feel” this instinct!

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