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Grand Hotel Tremezzo : 110 years of Italian hospitality

Silvio Vettorello, general manager of the famous Grand Hotel Tremezzo, extremely polite and considerate person whom I got to know during my photographic events. Many weddings of Lake Como take place in fact at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo and as a wedding photographer I usually take photo and video services in this wonderful location.

  • What are the next scheduled events?

This year we celebrate 110 years of Italian hospitality made on Lake Como, it was in fact on 10 July 1910 when the Grand Hotel Tremezzo opened its doors for the first time. We should have, like every year, celebrated with a big traveling party for the whole hotel but we decided to give us an even bigger gift … sure that all our friends and guests will understand and will already have free agendas for 2021 J We have in fact the entire budget that we would normally have used for the Birthday of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo was donated to two important medical assistance structures that work in the area. Being able to help is the best gift.

  • You host many tourists from all over the world but what never fails in your suitcase?

My favorite perfume … Bois d’Encens by Armani Privè … and a “Bobino” or the smaller plush representation of our mascot or the Bobo Bear that from the top of our secular park keeps and watches over the Hotel for the joy of all children and not only.

  • Do you have a dream in the drawer?

It would take a huge drawer to keep it inside … My dream is to be able to continue helping Lake Como. The Family of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo and all the people I have met to date on this beautiful journey have always made me feel at home, I was welcomed with open arms and not as a “stranger”. I fell in love with these people and this wonderful corner of paradise … being able to repay them with such affection is my biggest dream.

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