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Angela Garbagnati Lake Como Wedding Planners

Angela Garbagnati is the owner of Lake Como Wedding Planners - Be spoken Weddings, a great reality on Lake Como as regards weddings and events!

  • Wedding planner by passion, by chance or by need? How and when did your work start?

I would say by chance. About 15 years ago I was in charge of the press office and corporate events if a bug communication agency and one day I saw an announcement in which an American agency was looking for a destination wedding planner for Italy. I wasn’t sure what a destination wedding planner had to do but I sent my application and after a couple of interviews I was hired. At the time, agencies that did this counted on the fingers of one hand. I stayed with them for about 3 years and then I started my entrepreneurial adventure.

  • Who are your couples, how do they choose you?

My couples are mainly Anglo-Saxons, UK, USA, Canada and Australia but in recent years also Indian, Eastern European and Chinese. They find us through our site and social profiles, in particular Instagram which in recent years has become the most important social for us. Word of mouth done by satisfied couples is also very important

  • What from your point of view should a wedding planner do and should never do?

 It is very important that you get in tune with the couple trying to understand ateliers are the poto wishes and how to translate them into reality, also compatibly with the budget, but it must never and never ever influence the spouses trying to impose his vision.

  • Lake Como and Wedding what is missing from the organizational point?

At this time when weddings spread over three days are gaining ground, with  a “get together party” on the first day, the wedding on the second day and a “goodby brunch” on the last day there are no suitable venues  / facilities to host pre and post wedding events that do not require rental costs similar to those of the wedding day. It is always very difficult to find suitable solutions and you always end up doing  the usual pre wedding on the boat and post wedding in the hotel.

Moreover , since foreign guests often tend to stay several days on the lake, in my opinion are also missing those activities that are usually organized for guests in other regions of Italy (i.e. Tuscany) such as wine or food tasting or cooking classes.

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