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Paradise Sun Seychelles

Paradise Sun is set in lush gardens, fringed by soft white beaches along the Cote d’Or on the north east coast of Praslin, the second-largest island in this tropical Garden of Eden. With year round temperatures which seldom fall below 24ºC, and some of the best beaches in the archipelago, your choices are endless.

The hotel is rich in the spirit of the Seychelles – and capture it’s spirit with rooms constructed in typical Creole architecture, with wide decks that are ideal for making the most of sunshine filled days and balmy nights.

Laze on soft white beaches or at the resort’s beautiful swimming pool or indulge in one of the many activities on offer!

That is the beauty of Paradise. Stunning natural sculptures emerge from the ocean.

Paradise Sun peace and quiet with excellent services. Large and comfortable rooms, excellent menu with local and international cuisine although I recommend you to taste the local products.

From breakfast poolside to lunch on the beach, the cuisine at Paradise Sun is a menu of Creole-inspired, always-fresh, familiar favourites and Seychelles flavours.

As one of the longest beaches in the Seychelles, Cote d’Or beach is a place to wander, stroll along and lap up the beautiful scenery.

Among other things, if you want a romantic beach wedding at Paradise Sun it is possible.

Creole warmth and island discovering, ocean and garden-fresh cuisine, endless jungle and underwater exploring as well as all-natural spa reviving make Paradise Sun a place for family, romance, adventure or simply a wish-you-were-here dream island getaway.

There are numerous excursions that you can make from Praslin. I particularly loved these places:

Dream excursions await on Praslin island. From long strolls along picturesque Anse Lazio, to the Vallée de Mai, a UNESCO World Heritage Site home to the islands endemic coco de mer.

La Digue is a beautiful and small island, you can only travel by bicycle or on board of buggies, pink granite rocks expand from the beach, many photo shoots are made right here!
If you want to take a close look at the famous Giant Tortoises (I remember George in particular), where to visit the island of Curieuse Small island with characteristic beaches, giant tortoises, a mangrove forest and a museum of local history.

While on Cousin Island is a small granite island of 30 hectares in the Seychelles 6 km west of the island of Praslin. There are many birds on this small island, you must not disturb them, the guide will explain everything to you. The frigate chicks resemble small white chicks covered in cotton, while the adult birds of paradise have a very long and elegant tail.
Cousin Island. The island of Cousin is located a few kilometers away from Praslin and is a nature reserve where some of the rarest birds of the Seychelles and the world live, such as the Seychelles nightingale and the Magpie Robin.

Bay St Anne is the capital of the island of Praslin, delicious local shops, always kind and attentive staff. The best-selling item is the coco de mer. The peculiarity of the Seychelles coconut is to have an amazing resemblance to the anatomy of a woman’s buttocks.

Ocean, long walks, pristine beaches, a beautiful resort, Paradise Sun, Heaven on earth in the Seychelles!

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