Cinelli Ruscus bio/organic

Massimo Cinelli and his hisotry:

The history of my company begins immediately after the war when my grandfather Ivo Cinelli and shortly after my father Vittoriano began the adventure “In the cut floriculture sector” specializing in the sale of ornamental greenery that is used (still today and more and more) as a base for any composition of flowers from the most banal bouquet to the preparation of a wedding or a social event.

Initially their work, among other things, was very hard, it consisted in the collection in the woods of what nature offered and the imagination of the operators in the sector required. Over the years, the work has evolved leading to the selection of particular and new varieties which required specialized cultivation. Thus was born the “Cinelli Ivo” farm followed by “Cinelli Vittoriano” and then “Cinelli Massimo” which from the initial 5000 meters cultivated in monoculture has gradually passed over time to the current 100,000 with a prevalence of Ruscus racimoso in cultivation.

The peculiarity of my cultivation, however, looks like a real park without greenhouse structures but only trees to cover and protect the seedlings on which every year the new foliage that the plant produces is harvested. The greenhouse is located in a hilly area between the provinces of Lucca and Pistoia a stone’s throw from the Pinocchio park on a large plot of land once a vineyard.

Nature and the organic system predominate in my cultivation, in fact my company is the first in the world with Bio / organic certification for the ruscus culture. We work with wholesalers from all over Italy and abroad.

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