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Di Minno

The Brand Di Minno was founded by Franca Aschenbrenner. Franca grew up in Milan, Italy, in a creative environment, with many of her relatives engaged in the fashion industry. Her father, Leonardo Di Minno, owned ad operated a high end footwear boutique in downtown Milan, making handmade shoes and handbags. In his stor, skilled artisans created many of the city’s famous artists and musicians. As a small girl, Franca spent her afternoons among the craftsmen and became fascinated by the wealth of material and by the creative process involved with art, fashion, design. Di Minno shoes are the fruit of the very imaginative and creative Franca’s mind. Her previous art background, love for traveling and history, are the base for her designs, each collection is meticulously studied and executed with unique and high end materials that brings originality and elevated quality to the final product.

  • Do you personally design your own shoes or do you use collaborators?

I design all our collections myself, I like to keep the creative process personal and reflect my current inspirations in each design. This doesn’t mean that we won’t collaborate in the future, but for now I’m keeping the process close to home.

  • Where do you find inspiration for new and trendy models? 

The inspiration for my collections comes from my travels, everyday life, events and from materials that are on trend for that particular season.

I consider my designs timeless rather than trend based, while we keep up with some fashion trends, I want the wearer to be able to use these shoes season after season for years to come.

My goal is that when one of my clients makes an investment in a pair of Diminno shoes, it will last them for life.

  • Who is the woman who wears your models? An elegant, busy, fashion woman?

The “Di Minno” woman isn’t just one type of woman. She can be bold, demure, elegant, trendy, or simply need a great pair of shoes that will get her from point A to B. Because our shoes are seasonless, a Di Minno woman can be any age, career, lifestyle and more. 

  • What do you love to create?

I’m a naturally creative person and I love to apply that creativity to all aspects of my life. I was told by one of my mentors that I was a “designer” not just a shoe designer, and that I have an eye for designing many things; Jewelry, clothing, handbags ….the creativity and possibilities feel endless. However I love shoes, it’s a part of my heritage. I love to create shoes that resemble pieces of jewelry, especially when it comes to the heels. I design my own heels, taking ideas from all over the world; art pieces, sculptures, furniture and architecture. Almost anything could spark the inspiration for my next collection.

  • Your shoes are beautiful and you also have the weddings sector, what do you propose to that
    About? What are the most sought after models?

Our bridal shoes are part of the “ Icons” a permanent and ever growing collection which houses our luxury evening and bridal shoes. The bridal styles come in white natural silk, I chose this so that eventually, after the ceremony the shoes can be dyed and worn again for any occasion.

Our current most requested models are the Bayley and Aimee heels. Due to the current global Situation I personally will not be attending any events, however we have a distributer who will be safely working within Europe to present our new S/S 21 collection.

  • Do you also sell e-commerce?

Yes! In addition to boutiques and pop up stores, the best way to find the perfect Diminno shoe, for you is online at: https://diminnoshoes.com/

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